Coding Fun Html ARIA HTML Tutorial – What is ARIA & Why it's Important to Use!

ARIA HTML Tutorial – What is ARIA & Why it's Important to Use!

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– Today, we’re going to touch on an often overlooked subject in frontend development, although it’s very important. And that is ARIA. ARIA is an acronym that stands for “Accessible Rich Internet Applications”, and it’s a set of attributes that help make your websites/web apps more accessible/usable to people with disabilities, such as blindness.

While there are many ARIA attributes and…

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42 thoughts on “ARIA HTML Tutorial – What is ARIA & Why it's Important to Use!”

  1. DesignCourse says:

    Have you neglected using ARIA attributes? Also, check out my upcoming UI design course:

  2. GUYS! What can i use on LINUX UBUNTU as a screen reader? THANKS ! 🙂

  3. Leonardo says:

    💛 I love the channel!! You have a new subscriber.

  4. Government controlling the web again

    Everything’s not for everyone

  5. Why are commodities like ordering pizza held to the same tier as disabled parking and wheelchair ramps???

  6. Terry says:

    Love how he says before we begin, halfway through the video.

  7. malleability says:

    how i wish i watched this one day before an interview, i totally almost forgot nav and aside when i was asked about semantic html. Thanks Gary, you help make the web a better place

  8. That was really helpful, I never knew about this.. Thanks

  9. When it came to e-books, i liked pdfs better than epubs. Now I like e-pubs better because edge browser
    can read them. So e-pubs = audio books 🙂

  10. BRIAN MARWA says:

    I just recently got hired for a position that requires me to make projects accessible and 508 compliant. This video came at the right time….

  11. n here you look like Tintin

  12. That’s when custom HTML sucks and Bootstrap 4 rocks.

  13. Julio Hintze says:

    Great content!

    Btw, your outro music kinda doesn't fit with the video, imo lol

  14. what band is that hard-rock you always have as an outro?

  15. snakone says:

    thanks Angular cares about ARIA i learned what was it and why exist

  16. Leo Garza says:

    Awesome Content!!!

  17. Nice video.Inspiring to do some work related to blind people's.appreciating your concern about blind people.Gud work.

  18. Ella Blun says:

    first time I heard about aria labels was from the blind person, who told me they all know html as it is required for them to be able to use web. when readers read this and it sounds like nonsense to us, they actually know what that is. they also listen to these readers at high speed, so while I can't make out most of words things is rumbling they knew exactly what it was saying and what it all meant. food for thought. I think they would be shocked to run into some rando small website and for it to use correct labels

  19. Julio Ortiz says:

    So Aria reads the css data attribute and uses the speech utterance library to speak the description?

  20. m Inam says:

    FF comes with built-in ScreenReader

  21. Aloha Ackbar says:

    Why don't blind people skydive? It scares the hell out of their dogs.

  22. Schmueles says:

    Is there a point in putting an effort in making graphic design studio site accessible to blind people? After all, they can't see what studio can offer, and it doesn't really makes sense for me how can a blind person be a graphic designer or client that needs visual design. In that case they could just hire sighted people to help them make these decisions.

  23. Very Useful information.
    Now i understand why Bootstrap use "ARIA" attribute in their Development.

    Thanks Gery for great information. You added very important thing to my library.

  24. Shu says:

    Good video. Beginners need to learn accessibility because it's going to make them stand out amongst other potential candidates at jobs and more and more companies are getting sued for not having an accessible website. Pretty soon knowing web accessibility is going to be the norm. You should consider making a udemy course and cash in.

  25. Douglas Helm says:

    thank you for covering this.

  26. Great video! More of that please!

  27. 리베하얀 says:

    Wow.. sooo cooll~~

    How is different ChromeVox, NVDA, JAWS??

  28. Adroit Guys says:

    The thumbnail looks justified… Got that?😅

  29. Green Marble says:

    Is it redundant to use role='navigation' on a <nav> tag? That's how I've been writing them.

  30. Hot KreeZy says:

    Wow… honestly, I've never worked with aria attributes and never really knew how important they are.. thank you, it is really interesting. Bravo!

  31. Ahmed Samy says:

    I am a blind developer already I use a screen reader normally I think the best way to make your website accessible to use the native HTML tags I mean when you create a button use the tag button not airlink and style it it as a button .
    The HTML cannabis doesn't accessible at all don't use it a lot

  32. I love this ending music 🙂 Good job, bro!

  33. New video, great! Most websites ignore ARIA, even in the company where I work. You can't even checkout without mouse 😀

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