Coding Fun Html Angular 2 Tutorial for Beginners – Build a website using Angular, TypeScript and Node.js

Angular 2 Tutorial for Beginners – Build a website using Angular, TypeScript and Node.js

Get an introduction to Angular 2 and create your first website using a combination of angular, typescript, HTML and CSS.


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28 thoughts on “Angular 2 Tutorial for Beginners – Build a website using Angular, TypeScript and Node.js”

  1. NHV303 says:

    Is it just me or does this seems wayyy more complicated than just using HTML, CSS, and Javascript?

  2. I'm at 22nd minute and you are explaining everything even the CSS wow 🙂 I wasn't expecting that. For me, I didn't need that part but it will totally help an absolute beginner.

  3. Thanks a lot. I was so frustrated as it was getting boring. I was looking to make a simple website and lucky got your video. Thanks a lot once again. Please use large font so that we can see clearly

  4. Kevin Cho says:

    Thank you for sharing this informative video! 🐋🖐🏻

  5. Hesus says:

    This is the BEST tutorial out there! Awesome job man! 4/5, only wish it was in smaller chunks. But solid points!

  6. Umar Qadeer says:

    thanks man, you made all the info installed in my obtuse mind.
    thanks alot ! 🙂

  7. Very good explanation for beginners. Actully I have to develop one dynamic website so need to connect with node and databse ,If possible so please share the video as per my requirement.

  8. vinaya BN says:

    Can you please provide the code for the above tutorial on github or something. It will be really helpful for us .

  9. Naresh kante says:

    Great tutorial for beginner

  10. This is, without a doubt, the best Angular tutorial I've watched and i've watched a ton of them.

  11. Thankyou for the video! really useful for me who only understand HTML & CSS with only little knowledge of javascript.

  12. The quickstart-master folder which I downloaded from the site contains the app folder under the src folder and when I changed the template in the app.component.ts to templateUrl: './src/app/main.html', and added <h1>Container</h1> in the main.html file the browser page did not display container but just gets frefreshed when ever i save the files displaying "Loading AppComponent content here". So please let me know if I am missing something.

  13. Jack Miller says:

    Good tutorial. The CSS part was a bit long though.

  14. Dude you ROCK, where is the modularizing and incorporation angular modules from external libraries?

  15. is the routerLink still necessary?

  16. Awesome explanation, it helped me a lot, I hope you continue with Angular tutorials

  17. Dulal Deb says:

    Hi there, I'm getting some error whn m adding homeComponent in declaration of app.module.ts

  18. Coty Martin says:

    Hey there – do you have to import into app.component.ts if you are already importing components into the app.module.ts? I ask because I removed all my imports from app.component.ts file and everything still works…

  19. gn0x says:

    Arent you indicating with "./" that you are already in the current directory? In windows, setting the path to "/app/nav/nav.html" doesnt work for me, i probably would have to set the whole folder path of the windows structure. Being in i.e. "nav" and setting the path to ./nav.html works fine though.

  20. Vignesh Naik says:

    fantastic pleas more videos ….!!!

  21. That's really awesome video with full detailed description. Will wait for next one to upload.

  22. Number 9 says:

    Hello. When can we expect some more stuff on this topic?

  23. Are the project files still available for download on your website? Have looked everywhere but can't see them.

  24. R. P says:

    Thank you very much!! Hope to see the next video

  25. Pyroo0 says:

    how do you deal with SEO with angular 2?

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