Coding Fun Kotlin #3.5 Android Kotlin Tutorial: Link RecyclerView with Custom RecyclerView.Adapter

#3.5 Android Kotlin Tutorial: Link RecyclerView with Custom RecyclerView.Adapter

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Implement LinearLayoutManager of RecyclerView and Implement the onClick events on the list items. At the end, link the RecyclerView with Custom adapter and also assign the Layout manager to it such as Grid Layout Manager, Staggered Grid Layout and Linear Layout Manager.

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11 thoughts on “#3.5 Android Kotlin Tutorial: Link RecyclerView with Custom RecyclerView.Adapter”

  1. Hello. I'm doing all the things as you show, but when t comes to video, in HobbiesAcitivity, after both recyclerViews "layoutManager" and "adapter" is showing "unresolved reference". what should I do?

  2. how to attach images in recyclerview…plz tell

  3. prit patel says:

    Please not divide the video on different parts make it continues

  4. you can make a tutorial Highlight selected item

  5. Abdul Hamid says:

    Everything is okay but you did not show item(hobby) in grid layout.
    I'm unable to do it.
    Please Help

  6. fkpr fkpr says:

    thank you very very very much
    you are amazing

  7. How can I create an item inside the apps?
    like you enter the hobby and click add and it will appear in side the recyclerview

  8. I have been searching for a long time and no luck. please help.
    i want to delete a record from my sqlite database when to user touches a specific view in the recyclerview.
    how can i build the onclicklistener for the recyclerview that deletes a record from my sqlite database????????

  9. Caused by: java.lang.IllegalStateException: recycleView must not be null
    at .EventsActivity.onCreate(EventsActivity.kt:38)

  10. A I says:

    All i am doing is googling right now just to understand how this code is actually working.. what you are doing is reading your code and not explaining anything at all

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