Day: February 10, 2020

Kotlin Multiplatform (Spring/React/Android)

Very quick demo of a Kotlin Multiplatform project I have with spring running on the backside. The Clients are written in Kotlin react and Android

how to make facebook login page in html notepad

link: watch video full to understand how to make face book login page in html.

Session-30 || 9:30PM Live ||Wrapper ,Runtime ,System class in Java || Java Interview Question by JTC

#JTCINDIA #Interview_Question #Call_9990699111 Wrapper ,Runtime ,System class in Java 1:28 Wrapper class in java (Autoboxing and Autounboxing in Java ) 14:23 Wrapper classes in java 21:00 Runtime class in java 29:21 System class in Java 30:27 What System.out.println in java JTCINDIA Provides Training on Different Technology in different Modes Like Online And Classroom Training. 👉 […]


amazing transparent login form just by using html & css . . . LOGIN FORM NO 1 LOGIN FORM NO 2 LOGIN FORM NO 3 LOGIN FORM NO 4 LOGIN FORM NO 5 LOGIN FORM NO 6 LOGIN FORM NO 7…

Find The Thief! – Survival University – Minecraft Java 1.15.2

Welcome to Survival University! This is my Minecraft Guide Let’s Play. Throughout this series, I’ll be showing you various tips and tricks on how to get the most out of this game, along with some tutorials for different farms and redstone contraptions, while also showcasing builds from other people on my BlendedSMP server. If you’d […]