Day: February 9, 2020

How to Create a Website in HTML, CSS and PHP Step-by-Step – Introduction

Learn How to Create a website with Pure HTML, CSS and PHP in this Step by Step Series Credits go to Udemy Discord Server:

Learn Programming On Your Mobile, Compiler Best Android App C C++ Java Python

Welcome…..👫👬👭 Learn Programming on your mobile Compiler Best Android App C C++ Java python Mobile 📱📲 Dosto Aap bahot he asani se Apne Android Phone kai He Madat Sai Programming Shik Sakte hai Agra aap Ke Pas Koi Laptop Ya Computer Na ho Fir Vi aap apne Android Smartphones Kai Madat Sai Bahot He Aasani […]

Java Programming Ep. 3: Strings & Scanner Input

Check us out at % means Remainder Example: 20 % 3 = 2. This is because 3 divides into 20, 6 times with remainder of 2 Java Programming Ep. 3 Topic: Strings & Scanner Input Difficulty: Easy Prerequisites: Knowledge of Variables Ep. 1: What is a Main Class: Ep. 2: Variables:

Html Tutorial For Beginners | Create Login Form Animation Effects With CSS | No javascript

Discover the amazing possibilities of html, css and javascript together, creating amazing effects and designs. ————————————————– Please! Subscribe, Like and follow. Thanks for watching. Join Our Channel —————————————– Paypal donation link : ——————————————– Link…