Day: January 12, 2020

Mern Stack : Node Js Passort Local Strategy – Part 2

We’ll be creating a minimal full-stack login/authorization app using the MERN stack (MongoDB for our database, Express and Node for our backend, and Passport js). Check out for the third part for github repo we covered 1. UI node express setup, with https with https configuration 2. node passport local strategy 3. facebook local strategy

How to create Dropdown Menu or Submenus design HTML and CSS?

Dropdown Menu or Submenus design HTML and CSS Video link:

Kotlin OOP

Kotlin OOP

Create Working Classic Animated Contact Form By Using HTML & CSS – Contact Form Design – Form (2)

In This Video We Are Going To Create a Working Animated Contact Form Just By Using HTML and CSS. Animation By CSS. This is Second part Of My series( Contact Form )By HTML and CSS this is Second design of this series will be creating more designs in the future so make sure to subscribe […]

How to say "graal"! (High Quality Voices) #GRAALVM JAVA SCALA KOTLIN

Watch in this video how to say and pronounce “graal”! The video is produced by