Day: December 25, 2019

HTML Forms

In this video I will be talking about how to create web forms in HTML. Please don’t forget to leave a thumbs up if you found the video useful. Also, click on the bell icon to turn on notifications so that you’ll be notified the moment new videos are uploaded. [ DOWNLOAD FILE FROM HERE […]

Kotlin for cyklus

V tomto videu sa naučíme ako v programovacom jazyku Kotlin písať for cyklus, čo je to a na čo sa používajú. Nauč sa programovať v modernom jazyku Kotlin. Video je ukážka z kurzu Kotlin pre začiatočníkov na 👍 Viac o mne: 👍 Kurzy (java, git, bootstrap, Asp .Net): 👍 Free kurzy: Môj setup: – […]

Node js tutorial fully project-based || log in form with data collection || Node js, JSON, Express

This video is for beginners. Node js, Express js web development. How to create a server?

what is the meaning of html | introduction to html for beginners

html tutorial | Introduction to html for beginners , the meaning of html , structure of html and the requirements to learn html requirements