Day: December 13, 2019

01 HTML is not a Programming Language

Webpage – Support – Donate – Other Channel – For help: FaceBook: This Video Brought to you by: Steve Morreale – Patreon supporter

XHTML y CSS – 13.2 – Doctype

Doctype. Lo usamos para declarar la version de Html que hemos de usar en nuestro sitio.

SIRTOYS Unboxing December 7th 2019: Transformers oversize Siege, Hotwheels, Gundam And more

Sirtoys order links Scrapmetal Rampage Long Haul Brick RX78 Black Rescuebots Prime BPF Megatron…

How to use the Java Robot Class

In this tutorial I will show you how to use the java robot class. We will change our deskop wallpaper, Java will draw something in paint for us and we will start a website in the browser. If you like what you saw, please leave me a like on this video. Thanks for watching! 🙂 […]

Image Tag and Src, Alt, Height and Width Attributes in HTML — English-vlr training 0125

Image Tag and Src, Alt, Height and Width Attributes in HTML — English HTML , XHTML and CSS Training In Telugu And English How to insert Image, Use Attributes,Image Size dececrease & Increase For Telugu For English FaceBook Page _______________ Height and Width attribute in Image Tag – YouTube HTML tutorials:Chapter 5 includes-HTML…