Day: December 8, 2019

Learn Basic Piano Chords And Keys – Easy Keyboard Chords For Beginners

Learn a total of 14 basic piano chords in this piano lesson. For more go to Learn how to form simple major and minor chords on piano and keyboard. Learn how to play in six different keys, namely, the keys of C, D, E, F, G and A major. The 14 easy chords are C, […]

QF-Test Jenkins Plugin | GUI Test Tool for Java, Web and Windows

QF-Test lets you easily create automated GUI tests for Java Swing, JavaFX, Eclipse / SWT / RCP, Web (AJAX, HTML, DOM) and Desktop Windows applications. Playlist: – Homepage: Download the full version for a free evaluation at and visit to request a free trial license for four weeks. Content of the video: Jenkins ( is […]

HTML form with input type password || HTML and CSS

HTML form with input type password || HTML and CSS . Please subscribe to the channel for more videos. #html_form Please Watch More Videos. ========================== HTML and CSS Navigation Bar with Search Box : Responsive and transparent navigation menus with social media icons : Awesome Overlay Signup Form | HTML, CSS and JavaScript: Responsive navbar […]

MyBrowser with the help Java 1.8

This browser can open any site It can bypass McAfee Endpoint

6-Months Update! Fresh Relaxer Vibe Bob Wig! No Plucking Or Bleaching Needed | Hairvivi

business email- **Wig In The Video**: **Black Friday Preheat  !! Only $155 to Get This Wig ** 30$ code : KS  (1 week avaliable from uploadtime) All 48 hours expedited shipping wigs:   15$ code (permanent): KS NEW Fake Scalp PRO! No wearing bother! No longevity concern! No cornrow & cap Needed! No…