Day: December 5, 2019

Hover 1 overall introduction

Get one here: Foxtech Hover 1 Quadacopter is called Human Eyesight Extension in the Air, which is invented for survey, inspection, rescue, tracking, and shooting, also can be a sporting drone . Hover 1 is equipped with high efficient power system, including T-Motor MN3508 KV380 motor, 1552 folding propeller and Foxtech Multi-Pal 40A OPTP ESC, […]

Kotlin class property example in Android Studio

Accessing a class property and displaying it with Toast in Android Studio Discord

Tips and Tricks: How to Download VLC Media Player | Cyber Victory Man | CVM

Sorry guys, I already download VLC. You have to like all my videos and Subscribe my channel. Here is the link :

#7 IntentService – Kotlin and Android Fundamentals

In this video, you will learn about how to work with the IntentService using Kotlin on Android. An intent service is designed to work with long-running background tasks. In order to work with the IntentService, we need to create a class that extends the IntentSerivce class. Complete Playlist: API used in this tutorial:

HTML Bootstrap Angular 7 MYSQL NodeJS CRUD Operation #0 – GPS Mobile Location Tracking App

Part #0 – Introduction – GPS Mobile Location Tracking App HTML Bootstrap Angular 7 MYSQL NodeJS CRUD Operation Each and every database call, whether is read or write, should be properly authenticated and authorized based on individual user privileges and business operations. Code