Day: December 2, 2019

How to print a Hello World with node js

# How to print a simple greeting to an audience (Hello World!) in the terminal with node.js in Visual Studio Code ## Open the terminal `CTRL`+ “ ` “ ## Create a new js file called index “`bash code index.js “` ## Store your greeting string and your audience string in variables “`js var greeting […]

Write games in Kotlin to learn how to code. Part 2. Working with gradle projects in IDEA.

Learn to code by writing games. Kotlin is a modern language you can use to write Java applications. This video shows how to use IntelliJ IDEA to work with gradle projects.

HTML and CSS Accessible Medium Tag Selector Form

Speed code: Accessible Medium tag selector form. Medium’s homepage currently allows you to select a list of topics to get you started when creating an account. At the time of this the elements are just a collection of divs that prevent keyboard users with interacting with the interface. This uses checkboxes to fix the issue. […]

Selenium Webdriver Java || Mouse Hover in Selenium || Deep dive in actions class

This video will guide you How to Perform Mouse Hover in Selenium Webdriver using Actions class. In Selenium we have to perform mouse hover very frequently for AJAX applications. We will discuss below points in detail. 1. What is the difference between Action and Actions in Selenium? 2. Difference between and action.perform() 3. The […]

HTML BASICS for beginners how to create web page and use HTML tags

#thinktechnicalera #html This video tells you that how you can create html source code and in this video we can use HTML basics Tags…. watch this video also: Subscribe this channel also: