Day: November 10, 2019

Kotlin/Everywhere – Inaugural Brighton Kotlin Meetup

This was the inaugural Brighton Kotlin meetup. At this meetup, Lee Turner a Senior Developer from Crunch gave a talk called “Kotlin At Crunch – 1 Year On” detailing how they have gradually been introducing Kotlin into their backend microservice development. The meetup is hosted and sponsored by Crunch who provided the pizza and drinks. […]

VSCode Prettier Quick Setup – Code Formatting with Prettier.

In this video we will learn how to format html, css and javascript code with the help of Prettier Tool in VSCode editor. We will learn how to enable auto format option on Save. We will also learn how to override the prettier option with the help of .prettierrc configuration file. We will also learn […]

what is the difference between if and switch statement job java interview

Click here – to get notifications. You can submit your resume for right Job Welcome to When does the compiler supply a default constructor for a class ? Java Interview Question and Answer : When does the compiler supply a default constructor for a class…

Kotlin Multiplatform at HMRC

We were extremely lucky to have a talk by George Herbert from Capgemini where he discussed how Kotlin Multiplatform (KMP) was implemented at HMRC. During this talk, he talked about the reasons behind the use of KMP and how he made it work with iOS, Android and Web. A big thank you to our sponsors […]

(X)HTML Tagalog Tutorial – 6. Table Tags and Table Attributes

Ang Video na ito ay para sa mga nagnanais na matutong gumawa ng website o matuto tungkol sa website structure making and development gamit ang (X)HTML. Link to Notepad++ (Text editor):