Day: November 7, 2019

How to Make Registration Form in HTML

How to Make Registration Form in html In this tutorial we will learn how to make registration form in html. Do you want to learn how to use HTML and CSS3 to design signup form or registration form? You need to follow on my video tutorial. I have mentioned easy way to create registration form […]

A peek into the black box – how to adopt Java Flight Recorder to improve … – Marek Bubala

Video from Devoxx Poland 2019. Troubleshooting of Java applications becomes easier with OpenJDK 11, as Java Mission Control and Java Flight Recorder tools are now open for use to anyone. There are however less obvious applications where these can shine as well. It is not only low footprint of JFR on running JVM but also […]

A Brief History of the Kotlin World, Christina Lee

Keynote for Kotlin/Everywhere Twin Cities 2019

HTML Page Demo

Take your sales presentation to the next level with the all new HTML page in Ingage Presentations.