Day: October 26, 2019

Node JS for Beginners – Restful API App – Creating a Test DB and Pushing to Heroku

Today we are going to be creating a separate Database for our testing. So we will have 3 databases in total, one for production, development, and testing. Also will be pushing this to the internet using Heroku as our server and Mongolab for our database in the cloud. And yes this is still for Beginners […]

Knitting Help – Judy's Magic Cast-On

Instructions for working a sock toe using this cast-on can be found on Information on things you’ll see in this video: The poncho on the mannequin behind me is my Rodeo Drive Poncho, pattern + video tutorial: The pattern for the sweater I’m wearing (not my design, in a discontinued cotton yarn) can be […]

Must Know JAVA concepts | Selenium Automation | PART – 5 | Log4j | Indepth & Complete tutorial

Logging is one of the essential concepts for any application development or testing process. For Selenium automation also, we have to log the necessary information into a file or database or any other storage medium. Jars Download link: Properties file content reference: Conversion pattern explanation: XML file content reference: What will we learn in this…

Facebook vs Twitter jQuery, Css y Html

Tutorial en donde aprenderemos a hacer una pelea entre Facebook y twitter con jquery

AppServer Kurulumu 2019 | Php,PhpMyAdmin,Apache,MYSQL,

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