Day: October 13, 2019

14. How to link pages in HTML, Anchor Tag in HTML by cyber warriors

Hello friends in this video i will teach you all about anchor tag in HTML that how you can link the pages of the website so that when you will click on any navigation option then you will be able to jump to that particular page. Hop you all will like this video and this […]

How to switch from Python to Java part 2

Learn to use Java if you’re a python user, convert from python to java. I will go through basic differences between the two, Python vs Java. Leaving where we left off in the first part, in here will see the loop syntax, and how to print an array.

Inline CSS in HTML – HTML5 | CSS3 Grundlagen Tutorial 2019

In diesem HTML5 und CSS3 Grundlagen Tutorial geht es darum, Anfängern und Einsteigern HTML und CSS Schritt für Schritt näher zu bringen und den Einstieg zu erleichtern. In dieser HTML und CSS Tutorial-Reihe werde ich den Texteditor Atom verwenden um Dir die Basics von HTML5 und CSS3 näher zu bringen. Jeder der eine Programmiersprache lernen […]

Java Validation: Validating a Mobile Phone Number

Java Validation: Validating a Mobile Phone Number Greetings, today I will be teaching you how to validate a UK Mobile Phone number(similar methods can be applied for different countries but since I live in the UK I will be doing UK mobile numbers). We will check if the length is 11 digits, that all characters […]

HTML5 & CSS Tutorial from for beginners.

For those who want to learn HTML and PHP, a complete tutorial of Apress, this is the introduction and what this tutorial has to offer. All credits for I will come with all the lessons of this tutorial, if you like it push the subscribe button and Like also ! 😀