Day: September 24, 2019

Web Design | Convert Photoshop to HTML – Part 2

Look at this cool movie : This lesson is the extension of the first lesson about slicing your Photoshop document to an HTML website. The steps are easy to follow and when you finish viewing both videos, you are supposed to be able to manage most of PSD to HTML work using table-based method. More […]

Memory Fundamentals – part 1 of Java Memory Management

How java manages memory, explaining the stack and the heap.

Phil Shadlyn – What is Kotlin Serialization, and should I use it?

Data serialization isn’t exactly a groundbreaking topic, and it’s likely everyone reading this deals with it on a regular basis. Typically we use an external library to help us parse a server response body into its model representation, some of the most common being GSON, Moshi or Jackson. But did you know that Kotlin has […]

LeetCode 434. Number of Segments in a String Solution Explained – Java

Patreon – Problem URL – ___ Facebook – Twitch – Reddit – Twitter – Instagram – Github – Discord -…

How to check MT4 and FX AlgoTrader Java Interface Synchronisation

Short video about how to synchronise your MT4 account with the FX AlgoTrader Java based control interfaces