Day: September 19, 2019

005 Install Android Studio on Windows

The Complete Android & Java Developer Course – Build 21 Apps What you’ll learn Learn Android development, Java programming and Android studio from scratch Learn Java programming from a professional trainer from your own desk Create fun, engaging and real world Android apps (using Java) you can show to your friends and family Learn how […]

Leg and Body Tips and Tricks | Body Makeup Tutorial | Dermablend Professional

SHOP NOW: Meet Leg and Body Makeup from the #1 dermatologist recommended body coverage brand. It’s your ultimate body makeover in a tube. Contains high performance pigments to cover a variety of skin conditions, including varicose veins, stretch marks, scars, age spots, birthmarks, bruises and tattoo cover up. Plus, it protects the skin with broad […]

Node JS Tutorial for Beginners #7 – Routes Setup

Routing Routing refers to how an application’s endpoints (URIs) respond to client requests. For an introduction to routing, see the Basic routing. You define routing using methods of the Express app object that correspond to HTTP methods; for example, app.get() to handle GET requests and to handle POST requests. For a full list, see […]

High Performance HTML/CSS/JS Animations | Thinkful Workshop

Recording of today’s Workshop, Sponsored by Thinkful. For even more great Workshops, check out Links Reviewed during Q&A part: Codrops, Advanced web animation and UI inspiration, Understanding Motion, Material Design Blog,

Kotlin Everywhere San Salvador 2019

Evento: #KotlinEverywhere San Salvador 2019 Sitio Web: Lugar: Elaniin, Tech Company, Fecha y Hora: Sábado 5 de Octubre de 9 AM a 5PM. Regístrate en Meetup: Música por: DJ Quads (DRM Free Music)