Day: September 14, 2019

Pure CSS iPhone 11 Box Mockup | CSS Isometric Design With Hover Effects

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Nested loops in Java: Java Lecture 11

The video describes the use of Nested for loops using Java. A nested for loop is a widely used technique to repeat another repeated task. A nested loop is composed of one loop inside another loop. We used an easy example to explain the concept in the video. Supporting link for this video is provided […]

Proper Assets Management for Website

This guide is for static HTML based websites. For other frontend/backend framewroks like ReactJS, AngularJS, WordPress or Laravel, we may follow different approach for assets management. But if you get a good idea and general perspective here, you should be able grasp idea of a good assets management for any other web development project in […]

Controlling the Player's Bat: Practical Android Java Development Part 77

By handling touch events we can control the player’s bat, taking a big step towards turning this from an animation into a game.

Minecraft Java Edition With Sam

While at the hospital waiting for my brothers chemotherapy, I play Minecraft on the computer for the fist time and I love it!