Day: September 5, 2019

Kotlin Fundamentals – Part 3, Understanding Kotlin to Java Conversion

In this video we continue to explore the compilation process of Kotlin. In this video we try to understand how Kotlin code that jets compiled in to JVM compatible byte code looks like when converted in Java. We learn that for the any kt file, we get a class with the name of the file […]

Make Awesome Login Page using HTML & CSS!!

Hello Friends in this video i will show you how to make a login page only using html and css. Other CSS Tutorials and Practicals Playlist link :- Learn CSS Tutorial playlist link:- Java Programs playlist link:- I hope you like this video do subscribe the…

Java Installation and Setup – Minecraft SERVER tutorial 1/4

Hello and welcome to this tutorial on how to set up and run your own Minecraft server. This is a step by step and easy to follow tutorial that explains everything in easy to comprehend words. This first part is on how to setup your JAVA that you need to run the server and how […]

How to useTable Tag in html HTML Tutorial Part 8

How to useTable Tag in html HTML Tutorial Part 8

1. How to Reverse a String in Java – Java Interview Questions (4 ways)

How to reverse a string in java 1. Convert String into Character Array and use For loop. 2. For loop with CharAt() method. 3. Using StringBuffer Class. 4. Using StringBuilder Class. Java interview questions: 1. Difference between string stringbuffer and StringBuilder 2. How to reverse a string without inbuilt functions 3. Difference between string string […]