Day: August 18, 2019

AJAX Contact Form Tutorial #1: Create a HTML Form with Bootstrap style

This is a simple contact form that lets others send you an email through a web platform. What are used: HTML, CSS, AJAX, PHP. Workspace: Cloud9 Demo: Sources and download code: Because of the loud noise from the keyboard, i need to mute the voice in some parts, that’s why it might sound sometimes not […]

Een division maken (div) – Les 8 – Website leren bouwen – Basis HTML & CSS (Dutch/NL Tutorial)

Voor meer tutorials & tips, abonneer! ► Vandaag gaan we een division (div) maken in HTML. Mat een div kunnen we een lay-out gaan opbouwen in de volgende lessen. Een div is een belangrijk onderdeel van een website bouwen. Over de Basis HTML & CSS (Dutch/NL Tutorial): Wil jij een website leren bouwen? Volg dan […]

Fasted XP Farm (198,000 XP Per Hour) in Minecraft Java 1.14

Introducing the Fastest XP farm in Minecraft Java 1.14. This design pumps out 198,000 xp per hour! It is also Fully Automatic and can run in the background while you explore your world if you build it in the spawn chunks. This design is expandable to the limits of your computer/server’s processing power. Be sure […]

Are Looking for NODE JS Developer job ?

#NODEJS #Gandhinagar we have an Opening NODE JS Developer Job In Gandhinagar ,Gujarat location Job Opening. if you are interested and looking for Job Change so send me your Resume This Email Id : have more information so call 76220 77772 Thank you

How to Edit html in Blogger

How to Edit html in Blogger Hey Guys I am Back with a new video on blogger tutorials so in this video i will show how you can edit theme of your website in blogger by easily editing HTML coding . Website :- Don’t forget to like and subscribe to my channel. For more tech […]