Day: August 13, 2019

Create a Simple | Login Form | in HTML

In video i’m just telling about how to create a simple Login Form …. Download Notepad++ Windows 10 new features How to download YouTube videos Full form of computer & windows Python program to display the calendar with month & year C program to adding of two number How to share link from play…

Curso de Java 17: Loop for

Curso de Java Completo com Certificado e Fórum para dúvidas: Site: Blog: Facebook: Github: Twitter:

Fragmented Podcast Episode #102: All Things Kotlin and notes from KotinConf

In this episode of Fragmented, Donn and I decompress. I had the pleasure of attending KotlinConf 2017 – Jetbrain’s very first conference dealing completely just on Kotlin. I have a quick chat after Day 1 with Donn, giving him the juicy updates. We talk about how the conference was organized, some of the technical talks […]