Day: August 8, 2019

1. Kotlin tutorial for beginners – Getting started with Kotlin and Android Studio.

1. Create a new project with Kotlin. 2. Get started with Kotlin on Android. 3. Configure Kotlin with Android Studio.

Write Modern Web Apps with the MEAN Stack PDF

Download: Description Traditionally, web applications have been architected so that the back-end houses all the front-end code. This has resulted in heavy projects that are difficult to manage and scale. This book will explain a new way to write web applications by treating the front-end as if it were a third-party (such as a mobile […]

How to create a Typewriter / Typing Text effect in HTML using CSS & jQuery

Today I will be showing you how to create an amazing typewriter / typing text effect. For the purpose we will be using jQuery, HTML, CSS and a jQuery plugin called typed. ~Website for the Typed.js plugin: ~If you have any questions make sure to leave them in the comment section below! ~Subscribe for more […]

Remove Junk/Special Chars in a String – Java Interview Questions -2

How to Remove Junk/Special Characters in a String by using Regular Expression: -Remove special chars/Chinese/Japanese chars from a String. We use this Regular Expression: [^a-zA-Z0-9] to remove the Junk Characters from a String. ===================================================== Subscribe to this channel, and press bell icon to get some interesting videos on Selenium and Automation: Follow me on my […]