Day: August 6, 2019

Learn HTML For Beginners (HTML5) – Part 11 – iFrames

My Programming Course (Learn To Build Any Application Fast): The Joisk Channel: Podcast: Joisk: Twitter: Instagram: facebook: Personal: Website! On Instagram! On Twitter! On Faceook!…

#0 Downloading and Installing Java and BlueJ

How to download and Install Java and BlueJ Softwares Java Download Link: BlueJ Download Link:

How To Make A Countdown Timer in Squarespace // HTML for Squarespace Tutorial

Just getting started with Squarespace CSS? Awesome! ? I want to teach you the basics – grab my free Getting Started Guide here ? — This week’s tutorial will show you how to create your own countdown timer using HTML in a code block on your Squarespace website. There are three parts of this code […]

Java interview questions and answers/Java Interview Questions and Answers A Freshers Guide

In this video we are going to share some most important question for java with answer,which are mostly asked by interviewer. Do not forget to subscribe this channel, you will get those information you do not know or very helpful for you. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: “How to change or Update or Correction of Address in […]

Alexa Skill for Radarr

I wrote this last night in Python. Next time I’ll use Kotlin. You can find the source code here: It uses Lambda and the Radarr API to queue up movies for download on Radarr.