Day: August 1, 2019

[Android – java – Tutorial] Auto-Update your App with the Dropbox API

► Sourcecode as a txt-file: ► Dropbox-API-Video: ► My Website:

Responsive font size using html and css

In this video you will learn about Responsive font size using html and css. ———————————————- Facebook Page : =============********============== Check some popular videos on my channel: Awesome image hover effect with html and css – zoom in and out || web dev:- ———————————————- css positioning explained with examples…

How to add certificate to Java (JVM) keystore

On this video I show you how to add a certificate to Java JVM keystore. Portecle download link: Sound Track: Fallwind by 7OOP3D (c) 2015 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (3.0) license. Ft: daniloprates & PattsiPeng


Some OOP practice