Day: July 20, 2019

Java: While Loops

This video describes how to use while loops in Java.

[Android] Minecraft Java Edition for android!

I have found a way for anyone to play minecraft java edition or pc edition on any android device. You can sign in with your mojang account or make a temporary store to device account. Like and subscribe

How to implement SiteMapPath (Site map) in

Visit : For more details with code….

How to install Java JDK 10 with JAVA_HOME on Mac OS X?

This video will describe about How to install Java JDK(Java Development Kit) 10 with JAVA_HOME on Mac OS X. Here are the commands used in Terminal. 1. Print Java version java -version 2. JAVA_HOME Setup a. Print JAVA_HOME Variable echo $JAVA_HOME b. Navigate to user home directory cd ~ c. List all files/folders including hidden […]

Creating a better todo app – the HTML and CSS

Watch part 2 where Kyle adds the JavaScript to make this work over on Web Dev Simplified: In this video, I create the structure of a todo app, including setting up custom checkboxes, creating some fun little transitions, different use cases for custom properties, and setting it up using both grid and flexbox. Find the […]