Day: July 9, 2019

Introduction to Servlets

What is Java Servlets? Servlet complete playlist : Support Us Through Donations : Servlet is basically a java file which can take the request from the client and process the request and provide response in the form of html page. Deployment descriptor mentions which servlet should be called for which request and mapping can be […]

LEARN HTML5 IN 2018 FOR BEGINNERS #1: Introduction to HTML programming | Build your website quickly!

BEGINNER FRIENDLY HTML COURSE 🙂 CODE USED IN THIS LESSON: If you are interested in learning HTML but know nothing, then you are in the right place! This is the first HTML tutorial in this series on learning HTML. Learn how to create a website using HTML, which is a markup language used to make […]

Java Program to Check Whether Given String is a Palindrome

simple palindrome program in java for string palindrome program in java using reverse method palindrome in java without using string function string palindrome in java using stringbuffer palindrome in java using for loop string palindrome in java using array

Ddos Attack Java LOIC(Download)

Here is The download link : It is illegal to DOS someone without permission, I am not responsible for your actions with this software E ‘illegale io non sono responsabile delle tue azioni con questo software

how to create responsive image gallery using html and css

In this video you will learn how to create responsive image gallery with html and css. ———————————————- Facebook Page : =============********============== Check some popular videos on my channel: Awesome image hover effect with html and css – zoom in and out || web dev:- ———————————————- css positioning explained with examples…