Day: July 2, 2019

Server as a Function in Kotlin – JVM Roundabout – June 2019

Presented by David Denton. About a particular project and Springer Nature covering how the team migrated the stack to Continuous Delivery-based deployment into a private on-premise cloud, and how http4k helped them introduce new failure-mode and inter-service contract testing techniques. This approach combines functional programming concepts and the versatility of Kotlin to produce applications that […]

Parallax effect landing page no JavaScript only HTML and CSS

This is a tutorial on how to make a landing page html and css and parallax effect

(Mimo) How to make Games And App Learn Languages C++ Python Java #TitanTalks #10 [With CC]

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Android Kotlin Light Sensor App

In this Tutorial i will walk you through to create an android application demonstrating the use of Accelerometer sensor. It is a sensor which detects the presence of an Light in vicinity of the devices’ sensor. To built this Android app we will use SensorManager and Sensor classes from the Android API. In this application […]

Node js Understanding project structure

Node js Understanding project structure