Day: July 2, 2019

html tags and html boilerplate

In this video I will tell you about html tags,what is html tags,how html works.In this lesson,I will also show you about html boilerplate.html boilerplate code is must in every html please watch this lesson and follow step by step according to this html video series. ********************************** Follow me…

Why Text Editors are Better than IDE's

Text editors vs IDE’s in 2019. It really only matters on what you like using better. Text editors vs IDE C++, and text editor vs IDE for Java , Python, JavaScript, Php, nodejs, C, C#, Assembly, HTML5, JavaScript, you name it. And also ide vs text editor for beginners Integrated Development Environments(IDE) like Microsoft Visual […]

Android Kotlin: Forecast App 05 – Repository & Kodein Dependency Injection – MVVM Tutorial Course

? Get the code from this tutorial ?? Repository is a class which puts the network and local data operations into a centralized place. Repository is also a place for orchestrating the data caching. We don’t need to fetch data from the network every time the user launches our app. If the local data is […]

Highlight.js Tutorial – Highlight Code Syntax in HTML page

How to use Highlight.js to highlight any code syntax on HTML page. Highlight.js is a syntax highlighter that supports many programming languages such as Javascript, HTML, CSS, Java, C, C++ and more! Highlight.js: Example Code: Fiddle: