Day: July 1, 2019

Kotlin Tutorial #3 | How can Java and Kotlin work together

In this video we will learn that how to java and kotlin classes can work together. and there will be no problem if we can use both in a project. because they are interoperable to each other.

How to use GET and POST method in php with example

we are creating a fill information form and we are sending the info to another form sending information {html} {body} {form action=”inforec.php” method=”get”} Name:{input type=”text” name=”name”}{br} E-mail:{input type=”text” name=”email”} {input type=”submit”} {/from} {/body} {/html} second page {html} {body} Welcome {?php echo $_GET[“name”];?}{br} Your email address is:{?php echo $_GET[“email”];?} {/body} {/html} more php…

[Kotlin in Android Studio 3.0.1] #14 Creating A Button in XML and Adding an ID

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Solution to HTML Practical Question Paper

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How to reinstall Minecraft java edition for windows and mac

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