Month: June 2019

Simple Flappy Robin In Cocos2dx #22 Calling Function In Java from C++ (JNI No.2)

Creating an Android Flappy / Floppy bird clone using Cocos2dx **NOTE** I make a small error describing the description such as “(I)V” – I say with two arguments you seperate with a ; – this is not so! For example void func(int,bool) would be “(IZ)V”. Sorry!!! I don’t like adverts, so there are none here. […]

Android Catalogue Movie Kotlin Rxjava, Dagger 2 with MVP Concept

Catalogue Movie using Android Studio Kotlin language, Library RxJava, Dagger, Concept : MVP (Model View Presenter) hasil belajar lewat dicoding source : kirim-kirim salam untuk teman2 AEJ (Android Enthutiast Jakarta)

How to Embed HTML from in5 in Another Web Page

More info: This tutorial shows you how to include HTML exported from InDesign with in5 inside another webpage or blog post.

"Understanding TypeScript's Structural Type System" by Drew Colthorp

I was wrong. I thought TypeScript was something like a Java-ey type system layered atop JavaScript, bringing a dose of brittleness and losing the flexibility I appreciated about the warty-yet-ubiquitous multi-paradigm language. But that’s not it at all! TypeScript radically improves the JavaScript development experience by providing a flexible, light-weight type system for modern EcmaScript. […]

My Web Technology Project | Php project | Html Project | JQuery Project |WT project

This is my is going on. .! Took 2 months to complete.!!! ================= For Details visit- ================ Get project – ========================= Source code is comming soon..!!!!!!!!! Php project,jQuery project,html project,javascript,wt project,WT project,Web technology project,web technology mini project,15csl77 project