Day: June 28, 2019

First Appium Script On Playstore App Using Java in Ubuntu |APPIUM| MOBILE AUTOMATION TESTING

Watch below video. Installation and Setup of APPIUM in UBUNTU |MOBILE AUTOMATION SETUP |APPIUM WITH JAVA Writing first appium script with java… Sample appium script for beginners. #nitinsurange #appium #appiumfirstscript #nitin_surange #sn #snssbtech

Arnaud Giuliani – Simplify your Android development with Koin

In 2016, the Kotlin language has shaken the Android development landscape. It’s now time to break the chains from the Java language and get the best of Kotlin. Koin is a pragmatic dependency injection framework for Kotlin/Android developers. Let’s see how it’s very simple to take in hand and how it will make your life […]

HTML Tutorial for beginners day 4

Hi I am Raghav a web Developer I am recently trying to give you knowledge of HTML. If you are IT or computer science students then it’s your beginning career in your life If you want to learn Coding then you must have a good knowledge about HTML without HTML you can’t learn CSS, JAVASCRIPT, […]

Java Tutorial 4: For Loop

Java Tutorial 4: For Loop. How to do a For loop in java. Demo and overview of a for loop in java.

Registration form code on MAMP

Registration form built in MAMP.html php code (ref:W3school)