Day: June 9, 2019

Android Kotlin – Firebase #1

I’m going to create a fitness app with firebase and Kotlin GitHub: Firebase Libraries: implementation ‘’ implementation ‘’ implementation ‘’ implementation ‘’

HTML Web Programming Tutorial Series – #3 HTML Structural Tags

HTML Web Programming Tutorial Series – #3 HTML Structural Tags This is the third of a series of roughly 15 videos with the ultimate goal of teaching you from the ground up, how to create your very own website utilizing HTML, giving you a foundation for what’s to come in the following series teaching you […]

How to download and Install Oracle Java 8 on Ubuntu via Terminal

A short easy to understand step by step Tutorial on how to download and install Oracle’s Java 8 jdk on Ubuntu/Linux using a Terminal. Note: The Java Version might change in the future, please make sure you update the version number in every command line. For example 1.8.0_112 to 1.8.0_115 or 8u112 to 8u115 1. […]

HTML Lesson 7: Combine Pictures and Text

This is Lesson 7 in HTML. It shows how you can combine text and pictures on your HTML page.

How to detect a loop in a Linked List in Java ?

For complete course enroll at below link –