Day: June 7, 2019

Selenium Interview Questions and Answers ~ Java Programming String Revrese without StringBuffer

This is the basic Java Programming question asked on Selenium Automation Testing Interview. There are built in method in StringBuffer or StringBuilder but Interviewer asked not to use those.. selenium web driver | selenium automation | selenium webdriver | selenium test | selenium testing | selenium test automation | seleniumhq | selenium script | what […]

How to layout your website on a grid (HTML/CSS) – A simple tutorial

Creating a pure HTML/CSS grid system. Visit for copies of the files used in this video. Learn more at

Build cloud-native applications using Java and open source tools – BRK3207

Join us to learn how to build cloud-native apps using Java and open source tools that are not traditionally associated with Microsoft. We focus on a few case studies that provide secure, robust, and scalable solutions, and explore special considerations for these types of applications. By the end of the session, you should have a […]

Kotlin Playground

Kotlin Playground is an online sandbox to explore Kotlin programming language. Browse code samples directly in the browser

Page Loading Screen Document Preloader Tutorial JavaScript CSS HTML

Lesson Code: Learn how to apply a loading screen overlay to your web pages and documents using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I will just demonstrate something simple that you guys can expand upon if interested. You can choose to add animated preloader graphics, but make sure they are extremely fast loading so they show up […]