Day: June 4, 2019

CSE HTML Validator

CSE HTML Validator is much more than an HTML validator. I am using it to validate my CSS, and it’s working great. This quick demo video shows the main features of CSE Validator that I use. You can get CSE HTML Validator 12 standard for free when you sign up for my CSS course here:

Difference Between HashSet, LinkedHashSet and TreeSet | Core Java Interview question

Difference Between HashSet, LinkedHashSet and TreeSet is explained in this video. Java interview questions Java programming tutorial Java programming for beginners Java tutorial for beginners Java tutorial How hashmap works internally in java Video for difference between Method overloading and Method Overriding Or Video for difference between Compile time polymorphism and runtime polymorphism…

Good Ideas in Programming Languages

A look at some interesting (typically syntax-level) features of various programming languages. Links below: Rust: Kotlin: D: MATLAB: JAI (Jonathan Blow): Tlön:


About XAML and HTML & CSS

Kotlin WTF – Facade Design Pattern w/ Clear Explanation and Code Examples | Architectural Boundaries

If you enjoyed this video and you’re looking to learn more about Kotlin, and support me at the same time, consider enrolling in my Beginner Kotlin Course: Follow the wiseAss Community: Support wiseAss…