Month: May 2019

Kotlin Messenger 05: Chat Message Rows & Parcelize Extension

Let’s move onto something a little more interesting which is to create our ChatLogActivity containing all of our user messages. We’ll be rendering out two types of rows for our messages and we’ll use the help of Groupie to make our adapter objects. Finally we’ll look at how to make any class object Parcelable by […]

Responsive Enroll subscribe form with html and css

In this tutorial guys, You’ll be source files for responsive login/ register form in HTML and CSS. Get the files from the link below Source file link: Share your feedback here:

Excel Reading Java Code For Selenium DataProvider

Excel Reading Java Code For Selenium DataProvider

Android Kotlin YouTube: Pass Data Between Activity through Intent (Ep 5)

For Android applications that have multiple pages, we have to be able to pass data between each page. In today’s lesson, I go over how to use our Intent object to pass strings and integers around. This is a very important aspect of android development so hopefully you find it helpful. Enjoy. Course Detail JSON […]

HTML Beginner Tutorial 4: Making a Navigation Menu | Web Design Fundamentals

In this video, we will extend our knowledge of creating links from the previous video and create a navigation menu that links to other web pages.