Day: May 30, 2019

HTML Crash Course for Beginners – [Create Complete Form]

HTML Crash Course for Beginners – [Create Complete Form]. here I will guide you on how to create a complete form, so watch the video till the end. read an article on 5 Best HTML Editor in 2019 What is Visual Studio Code? VS Code Details, Tips and Tricks Download VS Code Editor HTML Crash […]

How to Use Loop in Scala (While, Do-while and For ) # Tutorial-8

This video will show how to use loop constructs in scala programming language. Syntax for while and do-while is similar to c or java’s syntax of same. For has different syntax

Orgasm Tips & Tricks for Women Exclusive Video

Go to to get your FREE Sexy Blow Job Course. Intensify your orgasms with a dual vibrator. Easy to follow orgasm control techniques for a faster climax. How to use 2 sex toys to amplify your pleasure right through to the most explosive multiple orgasms. Check out for sexy secrets of a female vibrator orgasm.

9-year old girl youngest Java programmer

Joud, 9-year old Jordanian little girl, speaks about her programming knowledge so far, and presents her small Java program. Joud is recognized to be the youngest Java programmer in the Arab world.

HTML5DevConf: Adam Tuliper "Making money with HTML/JavaScript Windows Store applications"

Making money with HTML/JavaScript Windows Store applications Time: Wednesday @ 2:30pm | Room N-123 #HTML5DevConf * This is a code based session *As an HTML/JavaScript developer you have several options available to you for publishing apps in the major app stores. Every platform has their own native option for app development. The problem with that […]