Day: May 19, 2019

How to disable Java update using the Windows Registry

In this video you will learn how to disable Java update using control panel and Windows Registry.


This is an introduction to using Spring JDBC Template with Spring Boot and Kotlin. You can visit the full tutorial at

How-To Change Twitch Prime Username To ANY color! Using HTML Color Codes

This is a quick tutorial or how-to change your Twitch username color to any desired color beyond the given sliders. This only works if you have Twitch Prime/Turbo. Links: Profile settings: Cool Color Code website: ************************************************************************************** Subscribe: Twitch:…

Spring JTA: Principles of work with transactions. Dmytro Sokolov [Geekslab Java/Scala lab 2016 ]

Доклад От Дмитрия Соколова – Spring JTA: Принципы работы с транзакциями. Конференция в Одессе Geekslab JavaScala lab 16 апреля 2016 Agenda: The internal structure of Spring JTA; Possible configuration with Spring AOP; Transaction Concepts Benefits of Spring JTA Best Practices and pitfalls Какие темы раскрыл в докладе: – Что…

Rewriting Snipit with Kotlin – Part 1 – Dagger

You can check out Snipit here: This app already exists and is written in Java, I’ve decided to rewrite the whole thing in Kotlin. This is the first episode where I implementation dependency injection with Dagger. Code for this episode is here: