Day: May 16, 2019

AsyncTask Android – Kotlin

Exemplo básico, carregamento de uma imagem.

Anchors Aweigh! Link to the Beach with HTML – Daisy's Web Dev Diary

Go on an adventure with Daisy using the anchor tag to make links to all kinds of amazing web pages.

how to learn html, css, java, javascript, php, python, c++, c#, and more free|Techy Ai

how to learn html, css, java, javascript, jquery, python, php, c++, c# how to learn programming languages, how to learn web programming languages, web development,how to make website Hello Friends!!! In this video i told you how to learn any programming language, and any web programming language… enjoy the video… like the video… make sure […]

[Kotlin Android Firebase] EP.09 – Add event into the likes button

This video is a lecture how to make an application like instagram I named this as Howlstagram. It was created from Kotlin, Android API 28, Firebase Version 16 Original Source Code :