Day: May 11, 2019

#18 Android Application Development with Kotlin – Navigation Drawer

In this Android Application Development with Kotlin video, we will learn about creating Navigation Drawer. If you want to learn how to create a Navigation Drawer in Android using Kotlin, then watch the whole video. For more visit: Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook: Twitter: Google:

HTML 1 Introduction

Head, body, bold, italics, line break, horizontal rule, header, paragraph

Program to Check Armstrong number in JAVA

The Armstrong number programming problem is a very common problem in job interviews, exams, viva and even in ICSE, CBSE board examination. In this video, you will learn about writing a program to check whether the given number is Armstrong number or not in java. First Mr. Vineet Agrawal will explain the logic to implement […]

vECM | Unleash Your Talents: Server-Side Kotlin for Mobile Developers with Eclipse Vert.x

In this session, you will witness the creation of a mobile back end for an Android music player. You will learn how to use the Eclipse Vert.x toolkit to build an HTTP server with Kotlin and RxJava. Then the presenter will expose a web API to provide the application with catalog, search, and streaming features. […]

Introduction of HTML? Web Technology (BCA,MCA) Gurukpo

Mrs. Shashi Naruka Assistant Professor, Biyani Groups of College explained about an Introduction to HTML, its basic versions and,