Day: May 9, 2019

Create An HTML/CSS Website – Video Background Landing Page with HTML5, CSS3 & Bootstrap 4

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Java vs JS

Kotlin for Swift developers, Ellen Shapiro

Ellen Shapiro of Bakken & Bæck explains the differences and similarities between Swift and the new language for Android developers Kotlin. This talk was recorded on March 21st, 2018 during the monthly CocoaHeadsNL meetup, this time at the Amsterdam office of Bakken & Bæck.

MEAN Stack App -simple Book Mangement

MEAN Stack App Demonstration Simple Book Management Mongodb @3.4.7 Express @5.6.0 Angular @5.2.2 Node @9.4.0

SEO tips you MUST know in 2018

If you want to rank in Google today, there’s a new SEO ranking factor to pay attention to in 2018. Watch now! Order your website critique: Set up a Shopify store: Skyrocket your traffic with full SEO package: Get SEO for $50 a Month: Shopify platform:…