Day: May 6, 2019

How To Learn Web Design – Building Websites using HTML and CSS

How to Learn Web Design – Building Websites using Html and Css. *** FREE Web Design Sales Training: *** Check out my Free FB group – In this video, I share a complete guide on how to learn HTML and CSS for web design. Resources mentioned… Codecamedy… Build Responsive Real World Websites with HTML5 and […]

Python vs Java and Other Languages

Those who feel Python is hard and confusing , you are totally wrong … It is the easiest and efficient language . watch video for more clarity 😀 Made it for my seminar using Powtoon Software 🙂

Is there a Kotlin API for Cloud Functions? – #AskFirebase

Ask the Firebase team your questions! In this episode of #AskFirebase, Doug Stevenson answers your questions about writing data with the REST API and writing code that observes the security rules. 0:21 – Can Firebase be used in an apps development stage? I’d like to show stakeholders what the analytics for the mobile app would […]

SEO Tips and Tricks Part 2

: The Second Part of this 2 Part Training – Learn How to do Search Engine Optimization using various Techniques to get your site Ranking Well in the Search Engines. Discover strategies to avoid that have a serious negative impact on your results.

io- Install Python Java C++ R on Mac, Windows, Android, iOS & Chrome

Start programming in minutes! In this beginners tutorial you install python, install c++, install R, install java, install linux, install jupyter, and install bash on any device. Do computer science on Mac, Microsoft, Android, iOS, Chrome OS, PC, Chromebook, iPad, tablet, smartphone, and iPhone. In this video you install an all in one programming software […]