Day: May 5, 2019

KotlinConf 2018 – Graphics Programming with Kotlin by Romain Guy

Recording brought to you by American Express Graphics programming is a field dominated by traditional languages like C and C++, or specialized languages like GLSL and HLSL. In this talk, we go over how Kotlin allows you to take advantage of a managed language while preserving the conciseness and expressiveness of low-level languages like C++ […]

Tanay Kundu Mean Stack Developer Kolkata- Acesoftech Academy

Tanay Kundu is 3 years plus Website Developer and he enrolled for Mean Stack Developer in Acesoftech Academy and got placement in NavSoft, A reputed IT company in Kolkata.

Simple tutorial of XML to XSLT and XHTML transform

Here we gonna learn how to transform xml to xslt+html using Altova tool…

Competitive Programming Camp in the Nile University (Cairo, Egypt)

Computer Science Camps by AbdurRahman ElGammal in Egypt, Lebanon, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Dubai Programming and Algorithms Data Structure Java SE Python C/C++ Game Programming Graph Theory Competitive Programming ACM-ICPC Professional Training The ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest IOI Professional Training Programming Challenges Computational Geometry Grids Dynamic Programming Graph Algorithms Backtracking Number Theory Arithmetic and […]

Adding Another TextView Challenge – Beginning Android Development – Your First Kotlin Android App

In this challenge, you’ll add a textview to the user interface. Are you up for the challenge? This course will be released entirely free on YouTube with a new video being released once per day. For more videos, check out — About is a website focused on developing high quality programming tutorials. […]