Day: May 5, 2019

Schrijf HTML sneller met Emmet! – Tips & Tricks (Dutch/NL Tutorial)

Abonneren ► Vandaag kijken we naar een handige plugin om HTML veel sneller en effienter te schrijven. De plugin is gratis en te krijgen voor bijna alle text-editors zoals Codepen, Dreamweaver en Sublime Text. Emmet: Cheatsheet: Twitter ► Reddit ► Codepen ► Facebook…

Java 9 VarHandles Best practices, and why? by Tobi Ajila

Have you ever had to dig for sun.misc.Unsafe to get access to CompareAndSwap? Are you interested in eking out the last bit of parallelism from your code? VarHandles in Java 9 enable memory ordering and atomic operations on any field type. With more granularity in the memory ordering modes, Java programmers can improve the potential […]

15-Enum classes in Kotlin

This video guides you how to use Enum classes in Kotlin programming language: – Define an enum class with some specific values inside. – Define an enum class with object initializations – Get value, show values in Enum, convert a specific string to value in Enum, using valueOf(). – Create an enum with abstract function […]

Pure CSS Parallax Scrolling | No JavaScript | HTML & CSS

// Parallax Effect Using CSS | No JavaScript Needed // Thanks For Watching ! —————- Social Media —————- Personal Account : Facebook : Instagram : Twitter : Song : CloZee – Dream Big Video Link : Credits…

Tuning RDS & JDBC For High-Performance Java Persistence

In this series I cover many high-performance RDS and JDBC characteristics and settings that will enable you to create truly scalable Java persistence applications . I cover: – Importance of Master, Slave & Read replica databases and the role they play. – Why large connection pools per application does not mean better performance – How […]