Day: May 2, 2019

CRUD app with AngularJs, Node js, express js, Bootstrap, EJS, MySQL PART XVI

In sequence of videos tutorial, I will be coding and explaining how to write real life Crud application using the following technologies/frameworks/programming languages: AngularJS, Bootstrap, Node.JS, ExpressJS, EJS templating engine to render HTML, MySQL database to persist the data and Visual Studio 2013 as IDE The videos will be recorded and posted into my youtube […]

[Mean Stack Development] Context Free Grammar & Parse Tree

[Mean Stack Development] Context Free Grammar & Parse Tree. Please like & subscribe for more CS based tuts! :). SUBSCRIBE for more videos!

Html formatting

In this video you can learn about HTML formatting i.e font styling. How to make text Bold, Italic, Underline and all other formatting rules..

Cons of Java vs Python

Slightly less lit

Node JS Phishing facebook.

This video is only educational. i’m not responsible of any problem or crime that some one has or will has. Twitter: