Day: May 1, 2019

Make a Photo Gallery Using HTML & CSS

Learn how to make a simple photo gallery web page using thumbnails. You will code this using HTML & CSS.

Bangkok Digital Learning Centre: Scala vs Java

There’s already a lot of great online discussion about Scala vs Java. Here is the view of our senior developer at Dotography who tells us why he prefers using Scala.

Intro to Kotlin: Java’s Replacement for Android App Devel…

Watch the full conference on Bigmarker: Please note that this is a repeat of last week’s webinar. Kotlin is Google’s NEW flexible programming language that is taking Android by storm. Join programming expert Nimish Narang for a 1-hour workshop on the basics of Kotlin. Nimish has extensive experience teaching app development as an instructor at […]

Learn advanced node js, Forking and uploading streams

The HTTP response object is a writable stream and the HTTP request object is a readable stream. We can use the request stream as a source. To get started let’s clean up our code a bit. In this lesson our server’s going to handle multiple requests so we’re only handling one video request here in […]

Node.js Tutorial #10 – Getting started with express.js (MEAN)

This tutorial will explain to get started with express.js and Mean stack M – Mongo DB E – Express.js A – Angular.js N – Node.js