Day: April 25, 2019

Student Testimonial – Full Stack Development (MEAN) – Akhilesh – Thruskills

Student testimonial from Thruskills for MEAN Stack course. Best software training center in Bangalore specialized in AWS Solution Architect, NODE JS, ANGULAR JS, MONGO DB, ADVANCE JAVASCRIPT, FRONT END DEVELOPMENT and FULL STACK DEVELOPMENT WITH MEAN. Live project based training center. For more info visit:

HTML 5 forms beginner tutorial 1 | Text boxes

In this HTML 5 beginners tutorial series we are going to look create HTML forms. This is a demonstration of creating a form tag and a discussion of the form tags attributes. We are also going to create a set of text boxes Source code for this tutorial is held on GitHub: Learn JavaScript: ================================================== […]

Top 22 Collection Interview Questions and Answers in Java

The collections framework was designed to meet several goals, such as − The framework had to be high-performance. The implementations for the fundamental collections (dynamic arrays, linked lists, trees, and hashtables) were to be highly efficient. The framework had to allow different types of collections to work in a similar manner and with a high […]

Beginning Android Development – Your First Kotlin Android App –

In this free online course, you’ll be getting started with Android development. Learn about what you’ll be making in this course. This course will be released entirely free on YouTube or you can find it over at No account registration required. View the full course over here: — About is a website […]

How to send e-mails with Mailgun and Node JS

Learn how to send emails from your node application in a few easy steps. Note: If you choose not to enter your credit card information during mailgun signup then see here – – for instructions on how to send emails to up to 5 email addresses.